Number 18 Ormond Quay encapsulates the essence of Dublin’s historic street buildings.

Easily overlooked and too commonly underused, these handsome merchant premises populate almost every street in central Dublin, originally designed as places to live and spaces to work. It is our intention to reinstate these original functions through PROJECT 18ORMOND, establishing a model for creative reuse and urban conservation that can be applied across the city.

During 2017-2019, Dublin Civic Trust has undertaken a wholesale refurbishment of the exterior of 18 Ormond Quay Upper, as well as initial refurbishment of the interiors which continues. The next phase involves the condolidation and conservation of the rear building at 67 Arran Street East. Through regular access opportunities, courses and seminars on building materials and conservation techniques – along with online charting of the entire process - you can follow the projects in detail and learn from the works.   

Section through Number 18, with 1843 building to the left and 1760s building to the right

Section through Number 18, with 1843 building to the left and 1760s building to the right

Our Vision

Our vision is to restore a residential home to the upper floors of Number 18 with an active separate shop to the ground floor. The complex 18th-century rear portion of the building will follow as a second phase of refurbishment beginning in 2019.

PROJECT 18ORMOND will be divided into three phases, for each of which your support is essential. 

PHASE 1: Structural consolidation and exterior refurbishment of Number 18.

PHASE 2: Internal conservation and refurbishment of interiors to Number 18.

PHASE 3: Interior and exterior conservation and refurbishment of 18th-century rear building at 67 Arran Street East.



Structural consolidation & exterior transformation

The initial investment phase at Number 18 during 2017-2018 involved major structural consolidation and exterior repair of the river-facing building, returning it to its original 1843 appearance.

This included:

- Extensive structural engineering to consolidate the bowing side wall to Arran Street East

- Removal of pebbledash to facades, and repair and repointing of brickwork.

- Structural stabilisation of historic shopfront, repair of granite masonry, and reinstatement of original configuration with central entrance door and Georgian-type windows with cast-iron grilles.

- Upper floor windows returned to their original Georgian grid configuration using precise historic dimensions.

These works are presently being followed by repair of the historic interiors for residential use, including plasterwork, joinery, floors and ceilings, as well as a mechanical and electrical services.

You can find out more about the works undertaken so far by following our regular Building Updates as well as our Facebook and Twitter pages.


Preparations are now underway to address the more complex 18th-century building to the rear on Arran Street East. This will involve careful investigative opening-up works to help determine the structural condition of the building and its original layout and design.

18 Ormond Quay Upper envisaged following refurbishment