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We need your help to make it happen

PROJECT 18ORMOND and the related conservation of 67 Arran Street East is one of the most significant and exciting refurbishment projects of its kind in Ireland. To undertake this work, Dublin Civic Trust as a non-government organisation is relying on public and philanthropic support to see the project to completion.

Our track record in saving and restoring buildings such as 21 Aungier Street and 4 Castle Street demonstrates the value of independent agencies like us to effect meaningful and lasting change in the historic built environment, setting a standard for best practice conservation everywhere.

We hope you can support the next phase of our project, involving the restoration of 67 Arran Street East, through the various support strands below.

We also welcome all donations to support the wider work of Dublin Civic Trust.

Individual Donation
All donations, large and small, are gratefully received as every cent counts. Clicking on the link below will bring you directly to our secure PayPal page where you can specify your donation amount.

Donations over €250 from private individuals are particularly beneficial to the Trust, as the amount donated is grossed up by the Revenue Commissioners at a specified rate (currently 31%), resulting in an effective donation of €362.32. We encourage all donors that donate €250 or above to fill in this simple one-page CHY4 Form from the Revenue Commissioners, and post if back to us at 18 Ormond Quay Upper, Dublin 7. This small step is essential for us to claim the additional amount.




Corporate Donation
Corporate donations are tax efficient for companies, as a donation may be deducted as if it were a trading expense or an expense of management (currently 12.5%). For example, a €1,000 donation to the Trust would represent an actual corporate cost of €875.

Please contact our office to make a corporate donation


Become a Partner
The Trust welcomes opportunities to engage with partners interested in sponsoring the work of the Trust and elements of PROJECT 18ORMOND. For more information, please contact our office by email or telephone.

Please contact our office to become a partner

18 Ormond Quay Upper exterior before + after refurbishment. Current Phase II to target interior.

Leave a Legacy

Consider Dublin Civic Trust when drafting your will

Have you considered leaving a legacy in your will? Leaving a charitable bequest to a body like Dublin Civic Trust is a gesture that reaps considerable rewards long into the future. Deciding on such a donation is a personal decision which is why Dublin Civic Trust is dedicated to using all such funds in a socially-minded and cost-effective manner.

Dublin Civic Trust is a non-governmental organisation that does not receive core funding from central government or local authorities. It relies on public support, donations and sponsorship to achieve its objectives. Therefore, leaving the Trust a gift in your will has a number of unique benefits that include:

- Ensuring that key examples of Dublin’s built heritage are acquired, preserved and enhanced through the Trust’s Revolving Building Fund.

- Supporting built heritage advocacy through the Trust’s ongoing work in public promotion, civic consultations, educational and training activities, and media engagement.

- Leaving a donation to the Trust is highly tax efficient as such donations are entirely tax free. This can reduce the tax liability on your estate for your beneficiaries.

How to leave a Legacy

If you already have a will drafted, it is easy to amend it to include a donation to Dublin Civic Trust. This can be drafted with a simple modification, known as a codicil, which your solicitor can draw up as a routine exercise.

If you are currently composing or considering writing a will, a straightforward wording can be inserted by your solicitor, leaving your preferred gift to:

Dublin Civic Trust
18 Ormond Quay Upper
Dublin 7
Charity Registration Number: CHY8193

Dublin Civic Trust is always happy to help your solicitor with any specific wording or details they may need. 


Types of Legacy

Residuary Bequest – this offers a residual portion of your estate after family members, taxes, debts and expenses etc have been catered for.

Pecuniary Bequest – this offers a specified sum of money set at the time the will is composed.

Specific Bequest – this can be a specific item, property, investments, life assurance settlements etc. These can often be the most beneficial type of gift as their value tends to increase over a person's lifetime.


For further information about Dublin Civic Trust or to discuss how you might like to consider the Trust in your will, please contact our office directly at (01) 874 9681