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Visions for Dublin

Dublin Civic Trust works in partnership with government, State agencies, local authorities and the private sector to realise a vision of Dublin as a vibrant historic city.  In recent years we have developed a series of policy documents for the city centre and key secondary streets and districts, which aim to highlight and unlock the potential of these areas through respect for and reuse of their historic building stock.  

You can view some of the recent policy work of Dublin Civic Trust in our online library. Click on the image below:


Advisory Service

Dublin Civic Trust offers an advisory service to owners and occupiers, developers and professionals in appropriate approaches to restoration and refurbishment of period and historic buildings.

When making a planning application for works to a Protected Structure or a building in an Architectural Conservation Area, owners and occupiers are generally required by local authorities to submit an architectural and historical survey of the building. The Trust has been a recognised body in this field since the Planning and Development Act, 2000 came into operation.  

Wide Streets Commissioners elevation plan for Lower Sackville Street, Thomas Sherrard, 1789This service includes:

  • Historic Assessments
  • Conservation Impact Assessments
  • Architectural Inventories
  • Identification of specialist craftspeople

Architectural Heritage Impact Assessments

Architectural Heritage Assessments carried out by Dublin Civic Trust usually have a standardised format which include the following, relative to the Protected Structure under investigation:

Protection Status: The legal protection status of the structure is stated, i.e. Record of Protected Structures, Architectural Conservation Area, Recorded Monument and Zone of Archaeological Potential.

Historical Appraisal: The historical appraisal gives a brief analysis of the age of the existing fabric of the structure, explaining the different building stages and presenting them chronologically. The appraisal refers to any local, social and historical connections of the structure to the locality, based on available historic deeds, literature, records and cartographic data relevant to the building, and how these relate to the physical structure.

Written Record & Condition Assessment: This section describes the different elements of the building in accordance with NIAH guidelines, along with a condition assessment.   

Photographic Survey: This includes a comprehensive good quality photographic survey with explanatory captions, cross referenced to the architect’s survey plans/elevations and cross sections. The photographic survey includes exterior, interior and detailed photographs of architectural and historic features of note.

Recommendations: This section provides best practice guidance and advice about the proposed works, taking account of the findings of the report.


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